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Welcome to the Naruto Fanon Wiki, Established on December 23, 2014 by killuazoldyk21, the Naruto Fanon Wiki is made focused around the original Naruto franchise made by Masashi Kishimoto. In this wiki we allow users to make their own Naruto motivated character, jutsu, location or even an unique fan fiction story. Users too, are also given the flexibility to work together with different users in a process called role playing. Keep checking this wiki for updates on everything and anything Naruto Fanon!

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Who is better, Naruto or Sasuke?

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What do you think is the target audience of Naruto?

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Did You Know...
  • ...Bakudan is Deidara's favorite food? (Bakudan also means bomb/explosive)
  • ...Kiba was exposed to Naruto's farting three times. First during the Chunin Exams, then on the mission to find the bikochu beetle, and third during the Three-Tails Arc in Part II.
  • ...The only mention of Ino's mother was when she and Sakura visited Sasuke in the hospital. She yelled, "Mom! I'm going out for a walk." However, there was no response.
  • ...Like his sensei, Rock Lee's character seems to be inspired by Bruce Lee, as shown from his name and having the same birthday.
  • ...Chouji's Notable Quotes: "Akamaru sure looks tasty"…XD
  • ...Shino's last name "Aburame" means "Oil Woman". Apparently, shino, his dad and his group were identified as male.
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