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|name = Shuriken
|name = Shuriken
|image = Shuriken2.png
|image = Shuriken2.png

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Kanji "手裏剣"
Romaji "Shuriken"
Literal English Sword hidden in the hand
Viz Manga
English TV
Manga Chapter #1
Anime Naruto Episode #1
Movie Movie #1
OVA Ova #1
Appears in Manga, Anime, Movie, and More

Shuriken (手裏剣, Shuriken), like kunai, are one of the more basic weapons seen in Naruto series. They are sharpened, four-pronged metal stars, useful for throwing. They can also be used for close combat, but not very efficiently. Although small, they can be used to distract, pin down enemy shinobi, or if accurate enough, can kill or incapacitate an enemy. They have an open circle in the centre, useful for grabbing with a finger, to avoid cutting oneself, or to put thread through. The circle is also beneficial to the weapon's overall aerodynamics, ensuring more accurate trajectories.

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