Kanji "目を夢見る"
Romaji "Yumigan"
Literal English Dream Eye
Viz Manga
English TV
Manga Chapter #1
Anime Episode #1
Appears in Manga, Anime
Known Wielders Aoko Hayashi
Jutsu Dream Release: Four Pillar Curse

The Yumigan (目を夢見る, Literally meaning "Dream Eye"), is the dojutsu Kekkei Genkai of the Hayashi Clan and is acquired by all of its members. The origin of The Kekkei Genkai is unknown, but was recorded to be used in the first shinobi war.The Yumigan allows the user to transport himself or herself and any Selective person or group of people into a Different world called the Dream Space. The Dream Space is a world where the wielder can create or manifest any object or a certain scenario. The Dream Space also has the ability to show a person their deepest fear or nightmare and turn it into Reality.


Dream Space Effect

After effect of the Dream Space.

It is somewhat like a genjutsu but instead of trapping the enemies' mind into a different place, the physical and spiritual components of the person are also transported. The limit of the Kekkei Genkai is proportional to the wielder's mastery of the Yumigan. Also, unlike the genjutsu the technique cannot be unsealed or release, the only option for the person to escape the Dream Space is to defeat the wielder inside the parallel world. The Yumigan's power additionally relies on the wielder's feeling. The stronger the emotion the longer the Dream Space will last.

Dream SpaceEdit

Dream space

The other dimension

The Dream Space is a parallel world created by the Hayashi Clan's , Yumigan. In this dimension the wielder has all the power to create any object or scenario, according to his or her liking. The Dream Space also has the ability the show a person their deepest fear or their nightmare. It is nearly impossible to escape while inside the Dream Space. Although the possibility to escape the parallel universe is low, a person may release the technique if the wielder is unconscious or is defeated. Long exposure inside the Dream Space may induce mild schizophrenia to a person (failure to recognize what is real)

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